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Q1 is almost over, are you on track with your business plans for 2019?

It seems like only a few weeks ago when we were hosting our Jumpstart January events and meeting business owners who wanted to kickstart 2019! It’s now almost the end of Q1 and a great opportunity to see whether you’re on track, celebrate what you’ve achieved and give yourself another kick up the b**t to get going…

If you’re a member of the Bordon Hub I hope that you feel like you’ve made some progress. Regular attendees will have participated in our ‘Organising for success’ sessions back in January, have gained some useful new skills in ‘Marketing month’ in February, and will now be thinking about pricing, tax and spreadsheets as we explore ‘Know your numbers’ this month. Those members who’ve taken advantage of a Your Business Growth Plan session with Stuart Morrison will also be taking steps to reach their goals as identified during the session.

BTW, it’s not too late to join the Bordon Hub and kickstart your business growth plans! You can pick up our programme at any time of the year and will get access to all the workbooks and resources we’ve shared so far. Join the Bordon Hub here.

The Q1 business growth review

Before the end of March, let’s all take a few minutes to see how 2019 has gone so far…

Step 1: Are you on track?

If you set yourself some specific goals this year, and broke them down into achievable smaller steps, how’s it going for you? Have you achieved what you set out to do and are you on track to get where you want to be?

Well done you, if you’re on track! Move on to the next step ‘celebrate what you’ve achieved’! If you haven’t quite achieved what you hoped to, think about the following to see where you can move forward:

  • Where your goals realistic? In the excitement of making business plans you may have overestimated what you could feasibly achieve. If that’s the case, inject a bit of realism into the next quarter and align your goals and next steps with what you can realistically manage.

  • Have things changed? Are there any factors that have impacted your business plans? For example external factors like a competitor setting up in the area or internal factors like a member of staff handing in their notice. If something has changed make sure you assess how that will affect your ability to achieve this year’s targets and adjust accordingly.

  • Did you get distracted or demotivated? As with any goal setting there’s always a danger that our own human fallibilities will derail our plans. Own up to it and change that mindset from prevaricating, making excuses or blaming others for our own mistakes and reboot your plans for Q2 instead!

Step 2: Celebrate what you’ve achieved

Rewards are a great way to motivate yourself and your team. If you’ve hit all your targets (or most of them) for Q1 take the time to celebrate, even if they feel like quite modest achievements. We want to keep those motivation levels high, and that’s difficult if you’re playing a long game where those big goals are going to take time to achieve. So give yourself, and your team if appropriate, a reward to keep you on track throughout Q2 and beyond.

Step 3: Give yourself a kick up the b**t

Everyone can benefit from a little kick up the b**t whether we’ve achieved our targets this quarter or not. For those of us who found it easy let’s up the ante a little and adjust our goals and targets to make us work a little bit harder. You could get to where you want to be a lot faster if you challenge yourself a bit more.

If you didn’t achieve those goals because you prevaricated, got distracted or simply found it hard to motivate yourself, a really effective way of getting out of this rut is to find yourself an accountability partner. That’s someone who will kick your b**t for you - not too hard - and help you get motivated and focused on what you need to do.

The Bordon Hub can be your accountability partner if you haven’t got a business coach, partner or a friend / family member that can offer this support. That’s what our mini-Mastermind sessions at the end of each month are designed to do: we check with our members to see whether they’re on track, address any challenges they have, and give everyone a motivational warm hug to encourage them to stick with it and continue putting in the hard work!

Don’t forget that members of the Bordon Hub can also join our members-only Facebook group where our network of Hub members (Farnham, Guildford and Bordon) hang out. This is your tribe of people who are all routing for each other’s success, offering support, asking for help, collaborating and building connections. You can request membership of this group here.

About the Author Emma Selby

Emma Selby is the founder of the Bordon Hub and Managing Director of SiGNAL. She is also a serial entrepreneur and social media trainer, bringing her experience and expertise to the Bordon Hub business growth programme.

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