Leveraging LinkedIn With Allen Ruddock - 23 January 2019

Organising For Success With Allen Ruddock – Leveraging LinkedIn



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Leveraging Linked In – Getting organized for business on LinkedIn

With Allen Ruddock

When you first create a LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn takes you through a series of steps: your current role, past experience, education, photo, skills etc. It’s all very organized and you end up with a profile that resembles an embellished and elaborated CV. That’s because it’s geared towards LinkedIn’s biggest market – recruitment.

Over the years you may have tinkered with, or updated your profile but all in the same vein.

Fast forward to today and you are wondering why your ‘all star’ LinkedIn profile isn’t working for your business. It’s because your clients and prospetcs are not looking to hire you, they want to buy from you and you profile isn’t helping.

This session will help you re-organize and re-vitalise your profile. It will focus on turning your profile into something of value to your potential clients, showcasing what you can do for them. Get your profile organized for business, not recruitment.

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