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Bordon businesses are excited about 2019!

Yesterday we hosted our first Jumpstart January Roadshow at SiGNAL in Bordon. If the turnout was anything to go by we can confidently say that Bordon business owners are really motivated to make 2019 a successful year!

It was standing room only by the time everyone had arrived for business expert and Bordon Hub host Stuart Morrison’s talk. He then took attendees on an upbeat and inspiring journey to understand what key strategies they should be adopting to grow their businesses this year.

Sharing advice and practical tips along the way, there was an almost tangible increase in energy and motivation levels by the end of Stu’s talk! Here’s what just a few of the attendees said about the morning:

"Excellent, inspired again!"

"The content was very useful and resonated with me."

"Well done, great talk and great speaker!"

"Really good, dynamic content"

If you missed yesterday’s roadshow, as the name suggests we’re out on the road delivering more of these free events this month. Tomorrow (Thurs 10th Jan) we’re in Haslemere – click here if you want to come along, there’s still time to book – then we’re off to Petersfield, Liphook, back to Bordon and end our roadshows in Alton. Scroll down for booking links.

Networking and business support

The roadshows are not only an opportunity to hear Stu talk and experience the type of content and value The Bordon Hub delivers, they’re also a chance to meet other local business owners. Being part of a community of like-minded people can be really beneficial, providing support, expertise and first-hand experience of running a business. In our opinion networking shouldn’t be about trying to do business with other people in the room, although that can be a positive by-product of any business relationship. Instead the focus should be about building a supportive community of people who are invested in each other’s success, one of the aims of The Bordon Hub and SiGNAL where we’re based.

Stu covers this topic in the roadshow, particularly the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people with a positive outlook on growing a local business. That’s not to say that a reality check might not be in order from time-to-time. You need people around you who are prepared to question your choices and challenge you in a constructive way. That might mean that your friends and family are not the right people to discuss your business plans with, unless they understand where you’re coming from and have useful insights to share. If they don’t, perhaps it’s time to find ‘your people’ for this aspect of your life?

So, if you like the attendees at our event in Bordon want to grow your business in 2019, come along to one of our roadshows for 2 two reasons!

  1. Get inspired and motivated by Stuart’s fantastic talk, and put into action his advice and practical tips,

  2. Meet other local business people who know what you’re going through and are also interested in building a supportive local business community.

There’s a 3rd reason to attend as well! That’s the goody bag we’re giving to all attendees that’s worth over £80!  Below are all the remaining dates for our Jumpstart January Roadshows, hope to see you at one of them:

  • Thursday 10th January 9:30 – 11:30 @ Lythe Hill Hotel Haslemere – BOOK HERE

  • Tuesday 15th January 9:30 – 11:30 @ Causeway Business Centre Petersfield – BOOK HERE

  • Thursday 17th January 9:30 – 11:30 @ Lipbook Millenium Centre Liphook – BOOK HERE

  • Tuesday 22nd January 9:30 – 11:30 @ BASE Innovation Centre Bordon – BOOK HERE

  • Thursday 24th January 9:30 – 11:30 @ Alton Maltings Alton – BOOK HERE


About the Author Emma Selby

Emma Selby is the founder of the Bordon Hub and Managing Director of SiGNAL. She is also a serial entrepreneur and social media trainer, bringing her experience and expertise to the Bordon Hub business growth programme.

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